Save money, meet new people and help save the planet. Just click here, create a login to Streetbank and once you’ve entered your postcode you’ll see what’s on offer from your sharing neighbours in Oakington and Westwick only (all of the the below are currently included by the way!). You can share things – tools and cars for example – and share time (meet people with the same hobby, help out with DIY, set up clubs, for example).


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One thought on “StreetBank

  1. Dog walk and play – Oakington and Westwick Neighbours

    Hi all, we have a young dog who gets plenty of exercise but little chance to play with other dogs. The field just over from the Guided Bus Stop, which is also the start of the walk over to Histon, is an ideal place for dogs to romp around together. The accompanying humans can chat or walk around the field, depending on their mood. All that’s needed is a time. Sunday at 11.30? Anyone interested / have similar same need? ATB, Gerry Cavander High Steet, Oakinton

    I also added this post to our village Streetbank pages where you can find lots more on offer once you set up your login and specify your poscode:


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