defibThanks to a very kind donation from a local resident, via the charity SADS UK, we now have a defibrillator (aka AED) installed on the external wall of the Pavilion opposite the football pitches.

The following took part in a Basic Life Support/AED training session in October run by East of England Ambulance Service: Jo Mowatt, Gerry Westoby, Keven Mansell, Pauline Marsh, Kimberley Seymour-Thomas, Sally Daggianti, Lynda Fentiman, Hanna Lumley, Jenny Prince &
Laura Lawrence.
But, anyone with basic life support knowledge can use the defibrillator. It talks you through the process and will not work unless it detects a cardiac arrest. Time really is of the essence in this situation, so please don’t waste time trying to contact one of us.
If anyone would like further information on the defibrillator or copies of the life support and AED algorithms supplied by EEAST, please contact me.

Thanks to all those who took part in the training.

Laura Lawrence: