Neighbours Network

ARE YOU SOMETIMES … stuck for help with a small task and wonder if there’s someone in the village who might give you a hand? Or do you wonder if there’s someone locally who could give you a lift to an appointment or might enjoy getting together occasionally just for a chat or for playing a game?girl dog

Oakington and Westwick Neigbours is all about connecting people in the village together. Whether young or old, fit or frail, people can ask for help with one task and/or offer help with another.

Volunteer Network
Oakington and Westwick Neighbours is a network of volunteers who are offering their skills and time to help with a variety of needs. Whether you can do just one hour a month or more, all offers of help are welcome.

A lot of caring and sharing already takes place informally, especially amongst those who have lived here for a long time. Oakington and Westwick Neighbours is designed to make sure everybody can draw on some help when needed.In order to protect people in vulnerable situations, the network has an assigned co-ordinator and volunteers receive ongoing basic training.

Examples of tasks that you may need help with or that you may be able to offer:

  • fetching a prescriptionboy car wash
  • cooking a meal
  • clearing a storage space
  • helping out with the computer
  • providing a lift to an appointment
  • relieving a carer
  • keeping company
  • doing basic DIY
  • walking the dog/help with pets.

If you would like to be part of the network, either as a user or as a volunteer (or both!), or if you have any feedback please leave a message on 07902 111786 or e-mail us on

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