The idea of OWN is to enable more neighbourly sharing and caring (tools, hobbies, help etc.) in our village. Since so may of us travel out of the village for work and shopping – when compared with bygone days – its more difficult to meet neighbours on the street, at the bakery or shop each day and not everyone has kids in the local school and the attendant acquaintance with other parents. Eight of us have been working together to come up with ideas and to organise things to encourage ‘good neighbours’, 21st century style!


Following the successful launch of ‘Oakington and Westwick Neighbours: The Community’s Care and Share Network’ on the village day, a small group of eight villagers are we are now ready to collect names of volunteers who might have some time to spare to help others in the local community. We are also ready to receive requests from those who may welcome occasional help or company.

Sometimes a volunteer in one area – e.g. cooking a meal or playing a game with someone – may at the same time welcome help in another – e.g. help in the garden or a lift somewhere. It’s all about the simple things in life that can nevertheless make a big difference!

Some help may involve people in vulnerable positions, so we have arranged for some basic training will be provided by a specialist care worker and all volunteers are asked to provide two local references.

If you are interested in joining this exciting new network, or have any questions or suggestions, please contact us on owngoodneighbours@outlook.com or 07902 111786.

This ‘volunteer network’ is modelled on ‘good neighbour’ schemes and addresses the ‘Care’ aspect of OWN.


Tools, cars, shopping trips, allotments? We are also working on the ‘Share’ aspect – i.e. sharing resources and interests – and currently exploring what is the best model (e.g. ‘timebanking’ or something else) for our village. If you have any expertise in this area we welcome your suggestions! See the Share button for currenet share offers.

Click the pic to see what’s on offer in your village!

If you spot any information that is incorrect or missing, please feedback so we can keep these pages up to date.

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