Flooding – Details


The Flood Mitigation Group (FMG) continues to liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure that works take place as soon as possible to reduce the flooding risk in the village. In the short term this involves the identification of the sections of the Oakington Brook and associated ditches which require de-silting or re-profiling and ensuring that the works are carried out efficiently. In the long term the provision of attenuation ponds upstream of the village will provide the best safeguarding against peak flows which have caused problems in the past.flood1


Following the river walk with EA staff in October, a meeting was held at the Agency’s area offices specifically to discuss the concerns that the Group had over the state of the watercourses and structures in the village. Prior to that meeting, our representatives on the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (RFCC) managed to obtain a discretionary grant for the maintenance of Oakington Brook this financial year. The FMG’s position had previously been set out in a letter to the EA’s Area Manager and the priority had been identified as the de-silting of the Cambridge Road culvert to improve the capacity of the structure, particularly at high flows. After much discussion it was agreed that the Agency would consider this work instead of the trimming of banks which they had originally intended to carry out with the RFCC funding.

On the day after the EA meeting we met with Heidi Allen MP, a meeting set up by her since she has taken on the FMG’s concerns and wanted to be sure that the EA were taking our concerns seriously. The EA were also at the meeting together with representatives from CCC and it was learnt that, because the culvert is a highway bridge, the CCC would “price match” the EA’s grant for this work. It was agreed therefore that, as a first step to